Welcome to the Irish Artist Blacksmiths association’s web site. Our web site is here to promote, encourage, advise and help artist blacksmiths and decorative metal workers working in Ireland.

The web site is aimed at architects, interior designers, public bodies and the general public who may be considering commissioning a piece of metal work such as a decorative gate, a staircase balustrade or a piece of sculpture. Indeed, our web site showcases many pieces that have been forged, manipulated or created from wrought iron, mild steel, stainless steel or from some of the non ferrous materials like bronze, copper or brass.

Many people think that artist blacksmiths and decorative metal workers no longer exist in Ireland and that they have to accept poor quality metalwork fabricated from components sourced from the other side of the world but this is not the case. Armed with computer aided design, power hammers and other sophisticated machinery, the capabilities of the modern artist blacksmith have been increased and added to his armoury of hand skills, hammers, tongs and anvil.

We invite you to look at the gallery which contains both classical and contemporary decorative metal work from large architectural commissions to small domestic items forged and made with skilled hands. Have a look at our member’s page; we are sure that there is artist blacksmith or metal worker near you.

Board Members


Chairman JJ Bowen johnjoebowen@gmail.com
Vice Chairman James O’Toole otoole.james18@gmail.com
Secretary Colm Bagnall secretary@irishblacksmiths.com
Membership Secretary
Colm Bagnall treasurer@irishblacksmiths.com
DCCOI Liaison Officers Jane Murtagh &
Patrick Strahan
Promotions Officer John Hogan john@ironexcellence.com
Tooling and Keeper of the Kit JJ Bowen
& Colm Bagnall
Website & Facebook Coordinator James O’Toole otoole.james18@gmail.com