IABA AGM 2016 @ Bunratty Castle Folk Park, Co. Clare

SAT 22nd & SUN 23rd Of October 2016. SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Forging Tools’.

This can be anything from chisels, tongs and hammers, or in fact anything else that would have been used or seen in the original blacksmiths forges.

The finished items will be kept on display in Bunratty castle for all the visitors to see.

GUEST: our invited guest for this year’s event is Ian Thackray. We met Ian and the Exeter event last summer he has great knowledge of forging tools and methods from years gone by. He’s been known to love a bit of Craic as well as a sing song at events such as this, so I would encourage you all to learn at least one Irish song before the event! You have 8 weeks to practise 😊

We have to really give Jane Murtagh a big thank you for arranging this year AGM. Jane has put a lot of work into arranging this behind the scenes, visiting and meeting with the Bunratty events team, arranging B&B’s etc. We have currently managed to secure a great deal at a local B&B costing €39 per head. This will be booked on a first come first served basis. Spaces are limited, so I would encourage you all to book ASAP! Please contact Gerard Loughran or Jane Murtagh to claim your spot.