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Associations and Organisations:


ABANA - Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America


Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon


Arts Council of Northern Ireland


BABA - British Artist Blacksmith Association


Cape Breton Blacksmiths Association


Crafts Council of Ireland


Craft Northern Ireland


E tenders


Institut de Formation et de Recherche pour les Artisanats des Métaux (Ifram)


Irish Georgian Society


Irish Master Farriers Association


National Heritage Ironwork Group


The Heritage Council


The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths


Visual Artists Ireland






I Forge Iron


The Metal Artist Forum








Rural Craft Publications


The Blacksmith's Journal




Tools and Machinery Suppliers:




Farrier supplies based in Co Wicklow cater mostly for the Farrier but they do have some blacksmithing tools.   Phone: 01 458 2608.    Email:


ANGELE is a German blacksmith tool site and has a wide selection of forging tools.


Axminster is a good site for general tools and also have inexpensive blowers that can be used for forges.


The Blacksmiths Depot is a US site with some very good tools. Contact them directly for shipping to Ireland.


Centaur Forge is another US company specialising in blacksmithing tools.


Vaughan's are an English company specialising in blacksmithing tools.



Coke Bean Suppliers:


R. Ridge
Coal, Slate and Stone merchant,
22a Castle Street,
(Sorry - no phone number as yet)


Distributors for Monckton Coke Beans
Speak to Ian Moulson on 0044 1530 510303




Material Suppliers:





Pure Iron is available from Don Barker which is new iron with no carbon added:
Phone: 0044 1904 607711, email:






Mohill Horse Fair - Sunday 26th October 2014

A map of the artist blacksmiths, developed by the Forum Metal Connection.
This website (Metal Connexion) has a twofold purpose :
- Technical purpose : the forum allows exchanges between the metalworkers,
- Commercial purposes since the forum, which is also designed to provide information about wrought iron work to the 'general public', directs visitors to a selective menu of artist blacksmiths