Calnan & Anhøj, Co. Wicklow
Work by Calnan & Anhøj






Michael Calnan and Gunvor Anhøj are two artists collaborating in a partnership. We strive to create one-off pieces and limited editions of sculpture.                     more...


Our work involves the forging of bronze and iron, sections of which are heated via the hearth and worked at 1300 degrees. Inanimate objects are brought to life, as textures are created and movements captured. The possibilities are infinite when this ancient trade is combined with our own artistic concepts. We ventured into the world of the blacksmith coming from two different backgrounds.


Michael having spent time involved in the art world through his freelance work for world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. The work he creates emanates a degree of simplicity and elegance irrespective of mass and size of material.


Gunvor came from a horticultural background, where she spent years surrounded by the amazing diversity of nature. She was always driven by the need "to create". The experimental side of the craft plays a big part; the discovery of new techniques and textures often becomes the starting point of her expressive pieces.